ILOVETOUR are the No.1 Student Sports Tour Operator in the UK. They operate 2 major festivals each year for 3 weeks during Easter, taking around 15,000 students away annually. ILOVETOUR’s target market consists of University students, mainly 18-25 year olds, from institutions all over the UK.


Industry: University Sports Travel

Services: Graphic Design, Online & Offline Marketing (Strategy & Implementation)

The Brief.

Not only did ILOVETOUR want to update their brand image, but they also wanted to drive sales of their festivals through marketing. With over 50% of their target market being new clients each year, due to the nature of University and the cycle of students graduating, the first challenge was to increase ILOVETOUR’s online presence and gain the attention of their target audience.

Our final challenge was to help the company sell to their maximum capacity for each festival, alongside driving the company’s overall revenue.

Our Solution.

Firstly, we spent time understanding ILOVETOUR’s target market and their online behaviours. For example, most University students party on Wednesday evenings, meaning Thursday mornings are a complete no-go for engaging with this audience.

Once we had gained further knowledge about this particular audience, we were ready to create a strategy and begin implementing it.

We decided to give all online and offline branding a facelift. We used colours, concepts and content that we knew would appeal to ILOVETOUR’s market. We utilised smart marketing techniques and were able to transform the behaviours of ILOVETOUR’s customers.

The Results.

Overall, our work with ILOVETOUR was a huge success. We revolutionised the face of the business and increased their social media (Instagram) following by 121%! Most importantly, we were able to influence sales. Not only did ILOVETOUR increase sales to 114% compared to the prior year, but we were able to influence their customer behaviours before deadlines, encouraging them to book on and purchase their packages much earlier. This assisted in generating additional revenue and reduced web traffic around the time of key deadlines.

We continue to work with ILOVETOUR, delivering their marketing strategy and content.

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